High Voltage Control

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  1. Micro Clip Set

    Micro Clip Set


    Micro-clip set for use with uEP01 cables and with A-EHVC12 cable set for the uEP300-12 high-voltage power supply.
    Includes one red and one black clip. Learn More
  2. Electrophoresis Starter Kit. Microfluidic chip not included

    Electrophoresis Starter Kit


    Starter kit with 2 single-channel 300V high-voltage modules and all accessories for the uProcess system.
    Learn More
  3. Set of 24 HV cables for the uEP12-300 power supply

    Set of 24 HV cables for the uEP12-300 power supply


    The A-EHVC12 kit includes 24 high-voltage cables for use with the uEP300-12 electrophoresis power supply.
    The kit includes 12 black and 12 red cables with friction fit terminals. All cables are 60" (150 cm) long. Learn More
  4. 12-channel Electrophoresis Power Module

    12-channel Electrophoresis Power Module


    Programmable 12-channel 300V high-voltage module for Electrophoresis
    Learn More
  5. uProcess Electrophoresis Power Module

    uProcess Electrophoresis Power Module


    Programmable single-channel 300V high-voltage module for the uProcess system.
    Learn More
  6. LabSmith HVS488 high-voltage sequencer

    Labsmith HVS488 High Voltage Sequencer


    NEW HVS448-8000D with 8000 V differential range!
    The LabSmith HVS448 High Voltage Sequencer provides eight high-voltage channels with programmable sequencing for an entirely new level of high voltage control. With innovative voltage supply, voltage sensing, current supply, current sensing, and a ground-breaking sequencing environment, the HVS448 integrates your entire experiment, simply and safely. Learn More
  7. Edaq ER430 high-voltage source

    High Voltage Sequencer for Microchip Electrophoresis


    Four channel voltage source for microchip electrophoresis, and electrokinetic chromatography.
    • Up to ±3000 V at 150 μA
    • Four high voltage outputs
    • Monitor current and voltage
    • USB Serial communication
    Learn More
  8. Labsmith high-voltage cable kit

    Set of 8 HV cables with 10kOhm current limiting resistors.

    From: €823.10

    To: €872.10

    High-voltage cable kit. Learn More
  9. Set of 8 Microclips

    Set of 8 Microclips


    Set of 8 micro-clips for use with high-voltage cables. Suitable for connection to bare platinum wire. Learn More
  10. Platinum wire electrode

    Platinum wire electrode


    Platinum electrode wire, 0.584 mm dia (23 gauge), 10 cm length. Learn More

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