Norpix StreamPix 7 Video Recording Software

StreamPix 7 is the world’s leading solution for recording video from professional industrial and scientific cameras. Nowhere else will you find the wealth of features and options that makes StreamPix 7 applicable to just about any technical video recording application.
Among the unique features of StreamPix 7 are:
  • Works with 100+ different camera families with all common interface types from major manufacturers
  • Records with single or multiple cameras on a single or across multiple PC’s.
  • Records high-speed video directly to disk, compress with GPU acceleration, streams video to internet
  • Microsecond accurate time stamp and GPS position on each image
  • Supports audio and analog data input, synchronization and triggering modes, multi-monitor option
  • Auto file naming, multiple image formats, auto export, timed and time-lapse, scripting
  • ...and much more
StreamPix is delivered as software alone, bundled with cameras and optics for a specific application, or as a turnkey system with a pre-installed PC with all necessary hardware and software.
NEW: StreamPix LIte Edition: Low-cost entry level video recording