Photron Fastcam Viewer V4

Photron Fastcam Viewer V4
Photron Fastcam Viewer V4
Photron has released the new version 4 of the Photron Fastcam Viewer software (PFV).

The new PFV has been completely rewritten from scratch, using the latest tools to increase versatility and speed, including GPU-accelerated image processing for real-time image enhancement and corrections.

PFV V4 implements a new modern user interface, easier access to the most commonly used controls, and a host of new features and functions, vastly improving the workflow when recording high-speed videos.

Among the new features added in PFV V4 are:

  • Automatic detection and setting of network parameters
  • Improved multiple-file handling, including batch video format conversion
  • Real-time image processing using nVidea GPU acceleration
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing
  • Perspective and lens distortion correction
  • Image stabilization
  • Colour white balance

Each of these image enhancement functions work in real-time and can be switched on and off with a single click, making it easy to visually optimize settings. Once a good set of parameters are selected, the processing can be applied to the video while saving to AVI with minimum processing overhead.

PFV V4 is compatible with most legacy as well as all new cameras, and is available to existing Photron Fastcam customers free of charge.

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Published on : 15 Mar, 2019