Zive SP2 Impedance Potentiostat



Quick Overview

Single Channel High Precision 2A Impedance Potentiostat for
  • Batteries / Supercapacitors
  • Fuel Cells
  • Corrosion
  • Sensors
  • Solar Cells
  • General EIS experiments

Edaq SP200 potentiostat/impedance analyzer

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  • Edaq SP200 potentiostat/impedance analyzer


Single Channel High Precision 2A Impedance Potentisotat

The Zive SP2 is a high precision potentiostat/galvanostat/impedance analyzer especially designed for higher current electrochemical research with batteries, fuel cells, corrosion, sensor and solar cells. It is supplied with three software packages:.

  • BATe control software specific to battery and fuel cell research
  • CORe control software specific to corrosion related experiments
  • EIS/EAs control software for general electrochemical experiments

The ZIVE SP200 electrochemical workstation is ideal for both fundamental research, and product development, and quality assurance programs.


  • Sensors 
  • corrosion/coatings
  • electrode materials
  • membranes
  • conducting polymers
  • battery materials
  • fuel cells
  • supercapacitors
  • photovoltaic materials and solar cells


  • Potential range: ±10V
  • Current ranges: 20pA to 2A
  • Current resolution: 16 bits:
  • Frequency Responce Analyser for EIS: 10 µHz to 1 MHz
  • 14 EIS techniques (including Multi-Sine)
  • Capable of Bipolar Pulse technique
  • Voltage pulse or current pulse charge/discharge test (GSM,CDMA etc.)
    sine wave function for ripple simulation in battery test package
    & pulse plating available
  • High speed data sampling time
    - 50usec/sample in burst mode
    - 1msec/sample in normal mode
    - 2usec/sample in fast sweep mode
  • Fast sweep mode(5000V/sec with 10mV data sampling)
  • iR compensation & measurement
  • 3 measurement/control voltage ranges & 
    12 measurement/control current ranges
  • Internal 295,000 data point storage & continuing experiment regardless
    of PC failure.
  • LCD display
  • Software package
    - Corrosion software package 
    - EIS software package
    - Electrochemical analysis software package
    - Energy software package
  • Multichannel configuration available by connecting multiple SP2 or other ZIVE products
  • Power booster(ZIVE ZB series) available
  • Inclues basic software, Energy/Impedance/Battery/Echem analysis software packages
  • Free software upgrade

Operating modes

  • Potentiostat, for voltammetric and chronoamperometric experiments
  • Galvanostat
  • ZRA (zero resistance ammeter)
  • FRA (frequency response analyzer) for EIS (electrochemical impedance spectometry)

Additional Information

Manufacturer eDAQ
Country of Origin Korea
Harmonized Code 90272000