High-power LED Lights


The new MultiLed QT and ST LED based lighting systems offers up to 50% more light intensity in a smaller package compared to the previous version and are ideal for replacing halogen or HMI lamps for high-speed video illumination.

The QT version has 12 LEDs and delivers an awesome 12000 lumens in either continuous or pulsed operation, the equivalent of a 1200W halogen lamp, and uses an exchangeable clip-on lens array to change the light emission cone from spot to flood illumination.

The ST version has 7 lenses LEDs and delivers 7000 lumens in continuous mode from a 60x75x60mm package.

The optional LED controller connects up to 8 LED heads with independent intensity control of each light with pushbutton or RS485 operation, and has a trigger/pulse input for pulsed operation with pulse duration down to 500ns (QT version only).

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