High Current Potentiostat



Quick Overview

High-Current Potentiostat
Ideal for cyclic voltammetry, linear sweep and pulse techniques
Potentiostat, galvanostat, ampmeter and voltmeter modes
Maximum 1 amp and ±10 V
Expandable using isoPod amplifiers
Four-electrode potentiostat

High Current Potentiostat

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High Current Potentiostat System

The ER467 Potentiostat System is ideal for cyclic, linear sweep, and most analytical pulse voltammetric experiments, either in the research or teaching laboratory. It also functions as a galvanostat, ZRA (zero resistance ammeter), and high impedance voltmeter (electrometer). Connection to a computer is via a USB cable.

The ER467 can be purchased as:

  • ER467E: Integrated Potentiostat with EChem software for voltammetric techniques.
  • ER467C: Integrated Potentiostat with Chart and Scope software for constant potential and constant current experiments.
  • ER467CE: Integrated Potentiostat with EChem, Chart and Scope software.

Two additional, general purpose, input channels are available that can be used for recording signals from other devices (temperature, pressure, quartz crystal microbalance, light intensity etc) along with the current and potential signals of the potentiostat, all within a compact footprint to save bench space.

Current signal sensitivity ranges from sub nanoamp up to 1 amp which support a wide range of applications.

Voltage-clamp type experiments can be performed on tethered membrane systems with a tethaPatch for studies of ion channels using Scope and Chart software.

The ER467 is a 4-electrode system with one working, one counter, and two reference electrodes for the measurement of currents across:

  • membranes (4-electrode voltage clamp), or
  • the interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions (ITES).


  • Current ranges (and resolution):
         1000 mA   (31.3 µA)        500 mA   (15.6 µA)       200 mA   (6250 nA)
         100 mA   (3.13 µA)          50 mA   (1.56 µA)         20 mA   (625 nA)
         10 mA   (313 nA)             5 mA  (156 nA)             2 mA   (62.5 nA)
         1 mA   (31.3 nA)              500 nA  (15.6 nA)         200 µA   (6.25 nA)
         100 µA   (3.13 nA)           50 µA  (1.56 nA)           20 µA   (625 pA)
         10 µA   (313 pA)              5 µA  (156 pA)              2 µA   (62.5 pA)
         1 µA   (31.3 pA)               500 nA  (15.6 pA)         200 nA   (6.25 pA)
         100 nA   (3.13 pA)           50 nA  (1.56 pA)           20 nA   (625 fA)
  • Applied Potential: ±10 V max
  • Compliance: >12 V
  • Scan rate: 1 µV/s to >100 V/s (EChem software) 

Additional Information

Manufacturer eDAQ
Country of Origin Australia
Harmonized Code 90272000