Oxygen electrodes

Electrodes for measuring oxygen in solutions. All electrodes except ET1115 must be used with a suitable amplifier like the eDaq EPU354 dO2 isoPod with USB or the EP354 dO2 isoPod and an e-corder system.
The ET1115 can be connected directly to an e-corder data logging system.

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  1. Galvanic Oxygen Electrode

    Galvanic Oxygen Electrode


    The Galvanic Oxygen Electrode uses a sacrificial lead anode to drive an electrochemical reaction reducing oxygen at a platinum cathode. The signal is proportional to oxygen concentration. The electrode can be directly connected to the input of any e-corder model.


    • Signal: 25 - 35 mV in air-saturated water at 25 °C
    • Oxygen consumption: 0.345 pmol O2/s per mV of signal
    • Drift: <2% per week at constant temperature and pressure
    • Response time: <30 s to 90% of final value at 25 °C
    • Body diameter: 12 mm
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  2. Micro Oxygen Electrode

    Micro Oxygen Electrode


    The Micro Oxygen Electrode is a Clark style polarographic oxygen electrode. Its small size (and low oxygen consumption) is suited to measuring oxygen concentration in small volumes of solution. It must be used with a suitable amplifier such as the EP354 dO2 isoPod or EPU354 dO2 USB isoPod.


    • Connector: BNC
    • Size: 3 mm OD at tip x 86 mm long
    • Response time: <20 s
    • Signal: 1.7 nA in air at 25 °C
    • Oxygen consumption: 4.4 fmol O2/s in air at 25 °C
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  3. Membrane Housing Kit for ET1120

    Membrane Housing Kit for ET1120


    Replacement membrane housing kit for the ET1120 Micro-oxygen electrode.


    • 6 replacement Teflon membranes
    • a bottle of electrolyte solution
    • a bulb pipette
    • 5 polishing pads
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  4. Polarographic Oxygen Electrode

    Polarographic Oxygen Electrode


    A traditional polarographic (Clark style) oxygen electrode for chemical or biological applications. The electrode must be attached to an oxygen meter/preamplifier that polarises the platinum cathode to about -0.8 V with respect to the anode while measuring the current flow. Supplied with magnetic stirbar and spare membrane.


    • Typical signal: 400 ± 75 nA in air saturated water at 25°C
    • Response time: 0 – 98% of full response in less than 60 s at 25°C
    • Cathode: Platinum
    • Anode: Silver
    • Body: ABS plastic, 12 mm dia x 120 mm long
    • Connector: BNC, cable 1m
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