Azure Photonics

Azure Photonics

Azure PhotonicsAZURE Photonics Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures optical components and lenses for CCTV, ITS and machine vision and is based in Fuzhou, China with more than 300 staff.

Azure Photonics machine vision lens offerings include standard lenses for 2MP cameras, as well as higher resolution lenses for 3MP, 5MP and 10MP cameras, and lenses for 1” and 4/3” sensors.

The new M3M-series 3Megapixel lenses offer superior resolution at very completive pricing in comparison with standard megapixel lenses.

Other products include vari-focal lenses, SWIR and UV lenses, day/night lenses for ITS and multispectral imaging, and a series of low-cost large format lenses with F- or M42 mount.

Azure Photonics also offers series of standard and high-resolution telecentric lenses and M12 OEM type lenses.

Select Azure Photonics lenses for excellent quality with very attractive pricing.

Mengel Engineering is the Danish distributor of Azure Photonics machine vision lenses. We stock a wide range of the most common lenses for next day delivery.

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