uProcess™ Automated Pumps, Valves and Sensors

uProcess™ Automated Pumps, Valves and Sensors

The LabSmith breadboard-based uProcess™ automated syringe pumps, valves, pressure and temperature sensors are part of the uProcess microfluidics automation system of software and hardware products which provides simple, straightforward automated routing of microfluidic volumes.

uProcess automated devices work together with CapTite™ microfluidic interconnect products to make it easy to build and rebuild micro- and nano-fluidic circuits. All products are inter-compatible and quick to assemble, taking the hassle out of fluid routing and control.

SPS01 Syringe PumpSPS01 Programmable Syringe Pumps deliver volumes up to 100 microliters, with resolution as low as 2 nanoliters. The pump body design allows syringes to be easily removed and replaced, providing a wide range of volumes with a single pump.
AV201 automated valveAutomated Selector Valves provide 2-position, 3, 4 or 6-port switching, with near-zero dead volumes and low swept volumes and a switching time at just 0.4 seconds.
Miniature pressure sensors fit into any CapTite port to measure fluid pressure for monitoring or control with very low dead volume.

Temperature sensors. K-type bare or insulated thermocopuples that fits to the 4AM analog sensor module.

Heater/cooler units. Peltier elements for cooling or heating. Connects to the 4PM 15W miniature power driver module.

uProcess Software provides a simple interface for configuring and controlling uProcess pumps and valves and for creating automated processes for coordinated control.
uPB breadboards provides a compact, stable mechanical mounting platform for uProcess devices and microfluidic chips, tied together with CapTite flow routing and interconnect components.

All uProcess devices are connected through a common bus on the uPB Breadboard to an interface box, communicating with the software through a USB interface. One control interface can sequence and coordinate more than 30 devices, and breadboards can hold 5, 8 or 12 devices each.

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  1. uProcess Electrophoresis Power Module
    Programmable single-channel 300V high-voltage module for the uProcess system.
    Learn More
  2. Automated 6 port injection Valve
    AV303 Automated Valve
    Two-position six-port automated valve with "III" shaped flow pattern. Available for 360um capillary or 1/32" tubing. Requires a 4VM valve manifold and EIB controller for communicating with PC. Connects to tubing via C360-100/T132-200 one-piece fittings (not included). Learn More
  3. Syringe Pump
    SPS01 Syringe Pump.
    SPS01 syringe pump with 1 syringe glass and plunger set. Requires an EIB controller for communicating with PC. Connects to capillary or tubing via one-piece fitting (not included). Learn More
  4. Syringe Glass & Plunger Set
    Syringe glass and plunger set SG-XXX-C360 connects to 360 um OD tubing using C360-100. SG-080-T116 connects to 1/16" OD tubing using T116-100. Connects to one piece fitting (not included). Learn More
  5. uProcess Breadboard

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    To €323.65

    Breadboard for mounting uProcess devices. Available with 5 or 8 device connections. Material: Fiberglass Learn More
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