Mengel Engineering - Imaging, Microfluidics and Chemistry


Mengel Engineering is a specialist supplier of products and solutions for research and industry. Our products and services are helping scientists and engineers throughout Europe become more productive and more efficient by allowing them to focus on their goals rather than the tools.

 Our areas of expertise are: 

  •  Solutions for microfluidics, electrochemical analysis and custom microscopy.
  •  High speed and industrial cameras, camera optics and LED illumination. 

This webshop is intended to make it easy for our customers to browse technical information pages and get live access to price information on a select range of our products.

We pride ourselves with a dedication to superior technical support and expert advice to help our customers make informed and intelligent purchasing decisions, so if you have any questions about products or applications, do not hesitate to call or email us at the contact data below or through our contact form.

AOS Technologies J-PRI

LabSmith - Tools for Microfluidics

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