LabSmith Thermal Control


LabSmith heater/cooler system for microfluidics

LabSmith has launched the uTC series of thermal control components for the uProcess microfluidic automation system. Like all uProcess devices, the thermal control components excel by their extremely small footprint and easy programmability, making them ideal for use with microfluidics experimental setups and OEM development.

The active heating/cooling elements in the uTC system are Peltier modules with size ranging from 8x8mm to 15x30mm and up to 15W power. They are driven by the 4-channel 4PM01 20W power module, which comes in a tiny 1x3x6cm package and replaces up to 4 bulky benchtop thermal controllers.

The temperature sensing elements are junction thermocouples with extremely small junction size, compatible with small microfluidic components with low thermal mass.

The uTC thermal control system is truly bipolar, allowing thermal cycling as well as heating and cooling, and controlled by the uProcess software or through a Labview library.

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