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Navitar Resolv4K Zoom Optics

Next-generation zoom optics system for large, high-resolution sensors

Azure 3 Megapixel lenses

The M3M series of machine vision lenses for 3Megapixel 2/3” cameras are suitable for use with sensors with pixel size down to 4.5um.

Lens Controller for Canon EOS lenses

The Canon lens controller gives remote control of focus and iris settings of Canon photographic lenses over a serial port or an Ethernet connection, using the internal motors of Canon EF lenses.

AOS Micro-G1 High-speed Camera

AOS Technologies announce the Micro-G1: The world's smallest, self-contained high speed camera with 250fps at the full resolution of 1920x1080 and 1000fps at 800x600 pixels. With a size of only 60x30x30mm and able to withstand 200G acceleration, the Micro-G1 is ready to mount under the tightest space restrictions.

LabSmith Thermal Control

The uTC thermal control system from LabSmith includes Peltier heater/coolers, thermocouples and an ultra-compact controller and is designed for thermal control on microfluicid chips and other miniature devices.

AOS C-VIT High-speed Camera

Rugged, compact high-speed camera with 1000fps at full HD 1920x1080 pixels with built-in battery and capable of withstanding up to 200G acelleration.

Computar Telecentric Lenses

New line of telecentric lenses from Computar with magnification from 0.3X to 2X, designed for cameras with 2/3" or 1" sensors.

High contrast lenses for 1/1.8" sensors

High Contrast Megapixel Fixed Focal Length Lenses for 1/1.8" sensors.

Photron Mini AX200

Ultra-sensitive, compact high-speed camera with frame rate up to 6400fps at the full 1Megapixel resolution. The light sensivity of ISO40.000 beats anything on the market today.

Azure Photonics 10 Megapixel lenses

High quality superior resolution C-mount lenses with 200lp/mm resolution suitable for cameras with 2/3" sensors up to 10Megapixel.

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